Process Innovation

After years of overrunning projects, dissatisfied clients and high costs Software Engineers began to look at ways in which they can serve their clients better. Borrowing and stealing ideas from other industries the Software Devleopment world has transformed itself by applying Lean principles to its practices and processes. We are here to help facilitate and discover ways in which similar patterns, practices and principles can be applied to the legal world.

Technical Innovation

Technology will be at the core of the many innovations to come in the legal world. We act as a conduit through which we can connect the world of law and technology and help ideas and learnings to flow between the two industries.


The Agile movement in the software world has involved thousands of different indiviudals thinking hard about the problems they face as a group and working together to come up with better solutions. We believe the challenges faced by the legal world are equally as hard and will require many people coming together as part of a community to foster new ideas and methodoligies. We run a series of meetups and informal get togethers for like minded individuals.